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Remembering those who have lost their lives in Queensland’s mining industry

19 September 2022

The Commissioner for Resources Safety and Health Kate du Preez today laid a wreath at the Miners Memorial Day Service in remembrance of the more than 1503 miners who have lost their lives in mining tragedies in Queensland.

Miners Memorial Day Service 2022

Kate said the annual miners’ memorial day service was a constant reminder to the industry that it is important to not only learn the lessons of the past, but also to strive to continuously improve our systems and controls to keep our people safe.

“The 1503 names that circle the Queensland Miners’ Memorial are each a lesson that must be learned,” Kate said.

“These names represent more than just the individuals—they represent families, friends, colleagues and communities whose lives have been affected in the most tragic way.

“We can do nothing to change the circumstances of how these names came to be on this monument, but their enduring legacy must be a commitment from all levels of the industry to not repeat the same mistakes.”

Wreaths were also laid by John Hempseed and Jack Farry for the Mining Safety and Health Advisory Committee and Jason Hill, Stephen Smyth and Shaun Dobson for the Coal Mining Safety and Health Advisory Committee.

The Queensland Miners Memorial Day Service is conducted each year on 19 September which marks the anniversary of Queensland's worst mining disaster which occurred at Mount Mulligan in 1921 where 75 miners lost their lives.

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Last updated: 19 Sep 2022