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About the campaign

The Report for Safety campaign aims to support resources industry workers to feel confident about reporting safety and health concerns and to promote positive employer approaches to the raising of safety concerns by workers.

The campaign was developed by the Commissioner for Resources Safety and Health and is supported by the Coal Mining Safety and Health Advisory Committee and the Mining Safety and Health Advisory Committee.

Message from the Commissioner

An essential part of any safe and healthy workplace is a positive reporting culture.

One of the cultural changes we need to make in our resources industry is understanding that reporting even minor safety and health concerns can have a significant effect on preventing serious accidents.

When you #reportforsafety, you are helping to keep yourself and your workmates safe.

As an industry, we need to empower workers to provide feedback and make sure they get the right response and that it is communicated back down to those who report their concerns.

As an industry, we must strive for effective safety reporting systems that encourage and enable the reporting of safety concerns including:

  • high potential incidents (HPIs)
  • near misses and early warnings
  • identification of hazards or potential hazards
  • critical controls not working as intended
  • equipment failures or equipment in sub-standard condition or not fit for task
  • procedures that are not working or are too complex
  • unexpected changes in the environment.

All of these examples of safety concerns present an opportunity to provide vital information to the organisation about hazards—and potential hazards—and are essential elements for calculating risks.

The willingness of workers to report safety concerns in a timely and accurate manner is an essential part of a positive safety and health culture.

We also need to make sure that everyone understands that people who threaten to take reprisal action against workers for raising safety and health concerns have no place in our industry.

Kate du Preez
Commissioner for Resources Safety and Health

Last updated: 24 Jun 2022